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Product information
Product application For the production of Monoclonal Antibody
Storage temperature Refrigerate (Shipping: Ambient)
Grade For immunobiology
Properties Especially developed for monoclonal antibody production. High yield of IgG and fused clones in mice. Contains GMDP. A 0.1 mL dose is sufficient for complete immunization of one animal. Single dose ca. 40 μl / mouse.
VolumeItem CodeUnit PriceDiscount
Box of  6 x 0.1 mL3001-0106$170 $150 / Box-
1 mL3001-1000$170 $148$134 /1mL 3+ Vials
Box of  6 x 1 mL3001-6001$695 / Box$625 3+ Box
5 mL3001-5000$600 $525 / 5 mL$490 /5mL 3+ Vials
Box of  6 x 5 mL3001-6005$2,300 / Box$2100 3+ Box



Product information
Product application  For Polyclonal Antibodies in small to medium size animals
Storage temperature  Refrigerate (Shipping: Ambient)
Grade  For immunobiology
Properties For Polyclonal Antibodies in small to medium size animals. Emerged out of the classic GERBU formulas. The refined emulsification technique guarantees best handling.
VolumeItem CodeUnit Price
5 mL3111-0005$47
25 mL3111-0025$149
6 x 5 mL3111-6500$230
100 mL3111-0100$399
1+ L3111-1000Please Inquire



Product information
Product application For use in very sensitive large animals
Storage temperature Refrigerate (Shipping: Ambient)
Grade For immunobiology
Properties Extremely biocompatible and effective. For very sensitive large animals such as Llamas, horses, and camels. Cationized particles of tocopherol and lecithin plus GMDP and immunostimulators. Very stable.
VolumeItem CodeUnit Price
5 mL3030-0005$60
25 mL3030-0025$215
100 mL3030-0100$635
1+ L3030-1000Please Inquire

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