“A Transformative Year in Medicine”

BIOtech Now
Brian Newell

2017 will be remembered as an exciting year for biopharmaceutical innovation. Not only did we experience some tremendous medical breakthroughs that will improve the lives of patients, we also witnessed policymakers take positive steps to help ensure prescription medicines are accessible and affordable for patients.

In an op-ed published by The Hill, BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood recounts some of the important achievements that took place last year, both in America’s research labs and the halls of Congress. He also explains why any future action on prescription drugs needs to take a “holistic approach,” one that recognizes the unique roles others play within our health care system, including insurers and hospitals. As Jim notes, “Anything less would be misleading and do little for patients at the pharmacy counter.”

To read the full op-ed by Jim Greenwood, click here.

To learn about the responsible steps policymakers should take on prescription drug costs, click here.


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