Can neuroscientists read your mind? – Find out in your latest issue of BioTechniques

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Aisha Al-Janabi

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In celebration of BioTechniques’ 40th anniversary, we present a Special Focus Issue covering the evolution of some of the most important lab techniques over the last four decades including a comprehensive overview of the history, protocol, applications and troubleshooting of Western Blotting and an evaluation of genome sequencing, assembly and annotation methods for Armillaria genome projects.


Special Focus Issue – Celebrating 40 years of publishing lab techniques: looking back to look foreword

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I know what you’re thinking; can neuroimaging truly reveal our innermost thoughts?


Unraveling crime scenes strand by strand: the forensic odyssey of Bruce Budowle
Education in microscopy: taking a closer look with Jennifer Waters
Peter and the Beanstalk: tackling the giant questions of soybean nodulation


Western blotting (immunoblotting): history, theory, uses, protocol and problems
A practical approach to genome assembly and annotation of Basidiomycota using the example of Armillaria

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