Infographic: 40 years of development with BioTechniques

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Beatrice Bowlby

In honor of BioTechniques’ 40th anniversary, our team has created an infographic highlighting important advancements in ten life science techniques over the last 40 years. 

Since 1983, BioTechniques has been publishing the latest life science techniques, methods and protocols. This infographic focuses on ten techniques that have made a significant impact in the lab as well as featured heavily in our journal: PCR, spatial transcriptomics, cell culture, CRISPR, microscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatography, flow cytometry and western blot. At the bottom of the infographic, you can find the link to the supplementary information sheet, which provides more information as well as a full reference list.

Earlier this year, we also hosted an image competition to commemorate our 40th anniversary. The winning image, Monstrous osteoclasts by Sayali Chandekar, was then featured as the cover of our Special Focus Issue published in September.

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Special thanks to Senior Graphic Designer Tobias Dumbraveanu for bringing this list of dates to life.


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