Of Lost Time: Albert Einstein’s parental advice

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Of Lost Time looks at letters sent by historical figures, including one written by Albert Einstein to his son living in Zurich (Germany) whilst Einstein remained in Berlin (Germany).

Of Lost Time is produced by the literary unit of Future Science Group that aims to shed light on the lives of historical figures outside of the pursuits that made them famous, looking at their relationships with friends and family through the exchange of letters. They have created collections including Letters for the Ages: Sport, Letters for the Ages: Behind Bars and Letters for the Ages: Churchill, exploring these themes and historical figures.

Alongside these published anthologies, Of Lost Time is accompanied by a video series looking at individual letters, including one from Albert Einstein to his 11-year-old son, Hans Albert, that was posted just days before Einstein’s theory of general relativity was published. Hans Albert lived in Zurich with his mother and brother, Mileva Marić and Eduard, whilst Einstein remained in Berlin and this letter shows Einstein trying to navigate parenting from afar.

Einstein encourages Eduard’s musical endeavours and suggests they spend one month together each year to maintain their relationship, displaying the sacrifices that are often made by famous figures and the impact on their family.

You can find the video on the Of Lost Time YouTube channel and find out more on their website: oflosttime.com

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