Greenwood Talks Innovation, Drug Pricing, and the Midterm Elections on ForbesBooks Radio

BIOtech Now
Andrew Segerman

During the Forbes Healthcare Summit, BIO CEO Jim Greenwood joined Gregg Stebben, host of ForbesBooks Radio, for a discussion about innovation taking place in the biopharma industry, the cost and value of prescription medicines and how the recent midterm elections may impact the drug pricing debate.

“The latest indications are that for every $1 we spend on medicines, we save $2.50 in health care costs,” Greenwood explained. “Those who are [determined] to reduce the costs spent on prescription drugs need to be reminded that if they kill innovation, not only are they destroying the hopes of all of the people desperately waiting for cures and treatments – but they are really, ultimately, going to raise the cost of health care.”

Listen to the whole podcast by clicking the image below.

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